Crazy new ransomware will unlock your files as long as you educate yourself about online security


Users are being warned about a never before seen type of ransomware that takes over your computer, locks your files and threatens to delete them unless you educate yourself about how to stay safe online.

The ransomware is a variant of the Koolova Ransomware, which is capable of stealing and deleting all the files on your hard drive.

However, what makes this new strain so unusual is that it gives you the chance to take back their files as long as you read up on the dangers of ransomware.

Instead of demanding payment in exchanging for releasing the hijacked files, as is normally the case with ransomware attacks, this new strain wants to help you learn more about ransomware and online security.


Koolova ransomware. Image: The Hacker News

Once your machine has been infected, the Kolova ransomware encrypts your files and displays a message that tells you to read two articles before it will hand over the decryption key.

However, it also warns that if you do not read through the articles before the timer counts down to zero, all your files will be deleted.

The ransomware tells you to read this article on Google’s Security Blog, as well as another post on a security site about ransomware.

Once you have scrolled through and read the two articles, a “Decrypt My Files” button will appear, where you can then obtain a decryption key for all your files.

The ransomware was discovered by security researcher Michael Gillespie, who says it still remains in development stage, reported The Hacker News.

The news follows the recent discovery of another unusual form of ransomware, dubbed “Popcorn Time” which would only unlock a victim’s files if they helped to spread the virus to two other people.


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