Creepy Facebook has been asking users who they sleep with


Facebook has plunged to new depths by asking users who or what they slept with last night.

As part of a personality quiz, users were asked to respond to the question “I usually sleep with..” which was part of the “Did you Know” quiz.

We are all aware that Facebook collects a lot of information on users which it in turn uses to help advertisers target a certain audience. However, the concern is that the company owned Mark Zuckerberg, then sells this information and secrets to make a huge profit.

Facebook’s team have recently expressed their concern at the lack of ‘original sharing’, something that the company uses to determine people’s personalities. It is thought that this is the reason behind the ‘Did you Know’ quiz.

Facebook claims that the “who did you sleep with last night” was not a sex question, but a query about whether they slept with a teddy or hot water bottle.

Once it realised how creepy the question sounded, Facebook withdrew it.

“We learned one of the questions in the ‘Did You Know’ feature was causing confusion among some people who saw it,’ Facebook told The Independent.

“We imagined someone might tell their friends about sleeping with their favourite stuffed giraffe, but we’ve removed the question after our community provided feedback that it was too personal.”


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