Creepy Google Chrome extension knows when you look away from the screen


A creepy new Google Chrome extension knows if you are looking at your computer screen or if your attention is somewhere else.

The extension, called FacePause, has been designed to work with YouTube and can pause a video when it detects you are not looking at the screen.

It works by using the front facing camera on a laptop to watch your every move. It then detects if you are watching the video or if you are looking elsewhere and pauses the video accordingly.

While the idea of hot having to press pause on a video each time you move away from the screen is perhaps nice, what it ever really so much of a burden in the first place?

Mattias Hemmingsson, the developer of FacePause, said the extension was designed to test out the capabilities of the new technology available in Google Chrome.

“I don’t trust my webcam,” Mattias said.

“So I have it covered and I don’t trust YouTube/Google, so see this more as an experiment of Chrome’s new technology, than a product you’d use every day.”

If you are interested in giving FacePause a try you can download it from the Chrome Web Store.

It is worth bearing in mind that it is a third party extension and hasn’t been created by Google.

It will also only work on laptops with a front facing camera.

Matthias shared a video of FacePause in action on his YouTube channel


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