Creepy update means Uber app now tracks your location even when your ride has finished


The fact that apps and websites collect data on users is no secret but a recent update to the Uber app is collecting more data than most users would like.

The latest update of the app allows the ride-sharing service to track your movement even when you are not on a journey.

In fact, for a full five minutes before you are picked up and five minutes after you are dropped the app is still collecting your GPS data in the background.

Uber claims the new update will help to improve customer safety and service, making it more reliable.

“We’re always thinking about ways we can improve the rider experience from sharpening our ETA estimates to identifying the best pick up location on any given street,” the company said in a statement shared with Ars Technica.

“Location is at the heart of the Uber experience, and we’re asking riders to provide us with more information to achieve these goals.”

Understandably, not everyone is entirely happy about the move with many users taking to social media to vent their concerns claiming that Uber is ignoring privacy concerns whilst others are saying it is “creepy”.

You can of course turn off your location data signal which means that Uber can’t track your every move – but you would then need to enter your pickup location manually so it depends on the individual for which option they prefer.

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