Creepy website reveals how much of your personal info is public on Facebook


A new website reveals exactly how much of your personal is public on Facebook for anyone to see.

The site, which is called Stalkscan, says it shows “’public’ info Facebook doesn’t let you see” and works by trawling through everything you have made public and displays it all in one place.

The site not only lets you look at your own profile, but also the profile of anyone in the world, providing you have their full Facebook URL, meaning you don’t have to be someone’s friend to see the stuff they have posted on their profile.

The creators of Stalkscan claim it does “not violate Facebook’s privacy settings”.

If your privacy settings are set to “only me”, this content will not be displayed, the website explains, adding “it only shows hidden content you have access to.”

However, you may not realise just how much content is still made public and you may not be aware just how easily it can still be accessed online.

The amount of information Stalkscan displays is vast and will show up any videos, photos, interests and any other personal details that are publicly available on Facebook. It will also reveal the locations of any places you said you have visited.

Stalkscan works by using the data available in Facebook’s Graph Search, a feature that was introduced back in 2013.

The idea of the feature was to help people connect who had similar interests, but it was quickly used for malicious reasons and Facebook eventually had to alter the way it worked.

Stalkscan collects the vast amount of data revealed in Graph Search and displays it in a more accessible and easy to understand format.

The results are pretty creepy and act as a reminder to just how much personal information we hand over to sites like Facebook.

If you are concerned about your privacy on Facebook, the site offers a privacy checkup tool so you can check how much of your information is public.

You may also want to check your privacy settings to ensure that you inadvertently aren’t sharing any information you would rather keep private.

Of course the only way to remain truly anonymous on Facebook is to not use the site at all.


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