Croissant Helps Businesses and Co-working Spaces Lure in Costumers


TechCrunch Disrupt NY introduced a new and exciting project that helps businesses and co-working spaces lure in customers. Dave Idell, Nisha Garigan and Adam Chew, created what they call “iBeacons.” These beacons are installed in local coffee shops or co-working spaces.

Through the beacons, customers can reserve a spot and are charged for the exact time spent working at the business.

Using an accompanying app, which is not yet completed, customers will be able to reserve a seat and even order food items from the business’s menu when available. Using MasterCard’s Simplify Commerce, customers will automatically have their credit card charged when they leave.

The goal is to allow co-working spaces and coffee shops to make even more revenue. A local coffee shop would be able to charge a patron that wants to do work in the shop based on minutes. This is a way that smaller coffee shops will be able to expand their offerings and do so without manual time tracking through Croissant. The Croissant interface will also show customers in real-time, so business owners can see who is taking up space and when.

Businesses can use the beacons for more than just space renting. The beacons can be used to track customer habits, such as how long the average customer stays in a shop and when a customer comes in most often.


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