Cybercrime in Thailand on the rise


Cybercrime in Thailand is increasing as the country now ranks as one of the top 20 countries worst affected by cybercrime in 2014, according to internet and software security giants Trend Micro.

Speaking to the Bangkok Post, Senior Technology Services Manager for Trend Micro Thailand, Khongsak Kortrakul said: “Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore are the three Southeast Asian countries joining the ranks.”

Mr Khongsak also commented how online and mobile banking services will continue to be the main target for cybercriminals in 2015 and that users still fail to incorporate measures such as two tier authentication.

It is also believed that Android devices will also be increasingly targeted and the use of fake phishing apps used to steal financial and identification data will also be more widely used by cybercriminals.

The government has spoken recently of Thailand becoming a hub for digital commerce and has outlined plans to develop Thailand’s digital economy.

Whilst this move is generally thought of as a positive step from a commercial viewpoint, with it brings an increase in threats to online security as Thailand begins its transformation into the digital age.

The recent hacking of Sony has raised awareness with regards to internet security and highlights that everyone can be a potential victim of cybercrime from governments and multinational organisations to pretty much anyone who stores data online.

Alarmingly, the article on the Bangkok Post says that more than 90% of organisations have active malware, yet half of these organisations are unaware it is there.

In Thailand the use of counterfeit software is commonplace but in doing so, users leave their computers wide open to potential security risks which could increase the chances of them becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Source: Bangkok Post