Demand for mobile data in Thailand skyrockets


Thailand’s mobile data usage has more than doubled in the past 12 months with each user now getting through about one gigabyte of data per month.

The increase in usage of mobile data in Thailand is in line with the huge surge in ownership of smartphones in the country.

The increase in smartphones has also seen providers offering large discounts on 3G enabled devices and data bundles.

A survey carried out by IPG Mediabrands in December found that 81% of Thais owned a smartphone, compared to the global average of smartphone ownership which stands at 45%, and that there are now almost 40 million smartphones used regularly in Thailand.

The use of mobile data will only continue to increase as the authorities in Thailand have given the go-ahead to the much anticipated 4G network, which is already being tested in parts of the country and is set to be rolled out nationwide within the next twelve months.

Speaking to The Nation, Harald Preiss, from Nokia Networks said:

“Most vendors have already rolled out their 4G devices to the market. There are around 40 million 3G/4G smartphones in Thailand, 25 per cent of which are 4G-enabled devices, which is around 10 million mobile devices in the Thai market.”

Preiss also commented that global mobile data consumption will continue to double every year and that by 2020 personal data useage will average around 1GB per user per day.

Whilst smartphone users look forward to high speed 4G mobile network, health officials in Thailand have warned of the dangers of increased usage of smartphones and tablets, especially in children.


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