Desperate for internet fame, woman shoots boyfriend dead in YouTube stunt gone wrong


A man has been shot dead by his pregnant girlfriend after a stunt designed to boost their following on YouTube went horribly wrong.

Monalisa Perez, 19, was this week charged with manslaughter after shooting upcoming YouTube star Pedro Ruiz, 22.

The couple, who have a three year old daughter, had been together for six years and reportedly wanted to become famous and had been posting videos of themselves performing stunts to YouTube.

In the stunt which ended tragically, Ruiz was holding a book against his chest and ordered Perez to fire a pistol at him to “’to see if the bullet would go through”.

However, the bullet did go through the book and hit Mr Ruiz in the chest killing him outside his home in Minnesota on Monday night, local media reported.

The incident happened in front of the couple’s three year old daughter.

It was reported that Perez shot her boyfriend with a Desert Eagle pistol, which is described as “one of the world’s most powerful semi-automatic handguns”.

Before the fatal shooting, Perez posted on Twitter about performing the stunt:

An hour before the incident, Pereze wrote on Facebook:

“We are in the process of making Pedro a YouTube channel oh man is it going to be sweet! LOL.”

She added: “All the crazy stuff will [be]on his channel and mine. will be our family life!!!”

Perez, who describes herself as a “family vlogger” on her Twitter profile, is currently being held on bail.

If she is convicted of manslaughter should could face 10 years behind bars. Perez is due back in court on 5 July.


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