Did you spot the new feature added to your Facebook comments?


It is now possible to react to Facebook comments with an emoji.

The new feature, which the social media platform rolled out last week, brings Facebook Reactions to the comments on posts and allows users to respond quickly with what Facebook calls ‘Love’, ‘Haha’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry’ emojis.

To reply with an emoji, simply hover over the ‘Like’ button and wait for the selection of faces to appear.

It is said to aim mainly at the site’s younger users but anyone can use it to respond quickly and potentially avoid embarrassment.

In the past, users were able to reply with a Like, comment or even an image but the new feature allows quick responses when on the move or at times when a Like may seem inappropriate.

“We’ve heard from people they’d like more ways to show their reaction in conversations on Facebook, so we’re rolling out the ability to react to comments,” the company told Mashable.

This functionality has only just been introduced and it is still not available to all users and follows on from the facility to be able to post Reaction emojis but these could only be used on posts or updates, not comments.

The same emojis are also available in Messenger and work in the same manner.

Contrary to popular belief, a recent study found that reactions such as receiving Likes on Facebook did little to make people feel better about themselves or change the mood if they were feeling down.

Those who try to get as many Likes are possible are likely to suffer from lower self-esteem and be less trusting – something that is worth bearing in mind as you browse your friends’ posts.


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