Do you have a Digital STI? Experts warn of hidden dangers when watching adult content online


If you regularly watch adult content online, there is a high chance your computer or smartphone has been infected with a ‘digital STI’, security researchers have warned.

A new study carried out in the UK by Kaspersky Labs has revealed that a third of adults have contracted a virus on their computer or smartphone after watching X-rated content online.

After studying the devices of more than 1,000 adults, Kaspersky Labs researchers found that 30 percent had been infected with a virus or malware after watching pornography.

The study found hackers and cyber criminals prey on people who regularly visit adult websites as they are less likely to report the incident to the authorities.

On average, participants of the survey said they watch porn at least five times per week for 23 minutes at a time, while as many as 40 percent said they watched porn every day.

Approximately 20 percent said they even watched porn using a work computer, phone to tablet.

“Kaspersky Lab sees around 323,000 malware bugs everyday which are designed to either steal your identity, corrupt computer files or hold you to ransom”, the firm said.

“In 2017 we identified at least 27 variations of PC malware which specifically hunt for credentials to paid adult content websites.

“Adult sites are attractive to cyber criminals because they have a vast number of users to potentially infect.

“Those users are less likely to report the infection due to the embarrassing nature of how they got the infection.”

The study also unearthed a number of myths that users believe would help to keep their device free from viruses.

29 percent of people believed that clearing their internet browser history was enough to keep their device virus free.

19 percent said that they thought using a private browsing mode, such as Chrome’s Incognito, meant their device could not be infected with viruses.

A staggering 25 percent thought smartphones and tablets were somehow immune from being infected with viruses or malware.

According to Kaspersky, these are the ten digital STIs that can infect your device when looking at porn online:

1. Trojans
2. Drive-by downloads
3. Click-jacking
4. Tinder bots
5. Cat-Phishing
6. Ransomware
7. Worm
8. Pornware
9. Spyware
10. Fake Anti-virus

If you do watch adult content online, Kaspersky has the following advice for you:

  • Use only trusted web sites when it comes to adult content. Cybercriminals often set up fake porn sites for the single purpose of infecting victims with malware.
  • Do not install Android applications from unknown sources, even if they promise you access to the content you were looking for. Instead, use official applications from official sources, like Google Play.
  • Avoid purchasing hacked accounts to porn websites. This is illegal and such accounts may be blocked by the time you purchase it.
  • Use reliable internet security solution capable of protecting all your devices from any kind of cyberthreats.

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