Dire warnings abound as Pokémon Go fever sweeps Thailand


Just three days into the Pokémon Go craze and lawyers, police, teachers and employers are all warning of dire consequences of the augmented reality game.

In latest developments:

  • authorities are contacting Japan so that zones are set up to limit where the game is played in Thailand
  • police have warned motorists of heavy fines for playing in cars
  • education authorities are banning the game in schools fearing children will stop learning
  • lawyers and employers are warning employees they face the sack for playing at work
  • police have warned people not to be lured into secluded places where they might fall victim to theft or attack
  • authorities are concerned that the public and especially children may rack up massive internet and add on bills that they won’t be able to pay back

First up – authorities in Bangkok have arranged an urgent meeting with True Corporation who act as a go between with the copyright holders in Japan.

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They are to ask that representation be made to limit the game to safe and appropriate zones.

They want to see a ban at places like hospitals and areas where security is paramount or where there is annoyance caused to other members of the public.

They even want the footpaths off limit saying that footpaths in Japan are wide and safe but in Thailand they can be dangerous.

There is also concern about high internet bills as the game has seen a massive spike in internet usage since it started on Saturday.

Add ons for the game can also be expensive and parents have been warned to keep a close eye on what their children are doing.

A police spokesman said that motorists would face fines of between 400 and 1000 baht if caught playing the game while driving.

Fines would be levied even if motorists were stopped at the lights.

They urged the public to play responsibly and think about and respect others.

People gathered outside Siam Paragon on Monday to play Pokemon Go

An online lawyer has warned that employees caught playing the game could face instant dismissal without compensation or severance pay.

The “Tanay Pheuan Khun” (Your friend the lawyer) group online said that Thai labor law could easily mean that employees wasting time on Pokémon Go while they should be working would face big trouble. They said that no warning would need to be issued.

Other police departments cautioned that a section of the game called “Lure Module” could be activated to entice people to secluded areas where they may fall victim to crime.

There was already evidence that criminals were catching on to this possibility in the Bang Khun Thian area of eastern Bangkok.

Officers were called when a member of the public saw suspicious behavior of a group of men near some railway tracks.

No arrests were made but police suspect the men who fled when officers arrived were up to no good.

Meanwhile teachers in Bangkok are concerned that students will start playing in school and ignore their studies.

On the first day of term at Kanchanapisek Withayalai school educators moved to nip the problem in the bud before anything got started. They have banned the game at school.


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  1. These authorities do understand that this game is neither made by nor in Japan? Japan got the game even after the US and Europe.