Disney bans selfie sticks at its theme parks


If you are planning to visit a Disney theme park this year, you’ll have to leave your selfie sticks at home, because Disney has just announced that it’s banning them at its parks all over the world.

All of the Disney parks in the United States will not allow people to use the annoying sticks from June 30th, and the ban will then roll out to the Disney parks in Hong Kong and Paris on the first of July.

Disney bans selfie sticks.

Disney will also add the ban to the rules for each park on its website, and of course will warn visitors with announcements in public locations around the parks, like car parks and hotels.

Anyone found in possession of selfie sticks during back checks at park entrances will be told to turn it in, and then pick it up later, or just return it to their car or hotel.

Selfie sticks have already been banned on some rises in Disneyland and Disney World for safety reasons, with prominent signs and employees warning visitors.

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Recent reports claimed that just a few days ago a Disneyland roller coaster was stopped for more than an hour and riders taken off when someone pulled out a selfie stick whilst on the ride.

The company says the ban is mainly due to safety concerns, but that it wasn’t a result of the recent Disneyland incident alone.

“We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family and, unfortunately, selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast (employees)”, Disney spokeswoman Suzi Brown said recently.

Disney joins many other companies, museums and organisations banning selfie sticks in public spaces and events. Many people who see selfie sticks as irritating and pointless accessories will surely rejoice at the news that selfie sticks are being prohibited in public places.

SOURCE: Tech Radar.


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