DJI is making it easier to keep your drone away from restricted areas


The largest drone manufacturer in the world DJI, announced it will soon be releasing new software that will help to prevent owners flying their aircraft into places they shouldn’t.

The news software automatically updates so that areas near airports, power plants, military bases or prisons are permanently locked down.

The software can also be updated in real time so that areas around major sporting events or natural disasters such as wildfires become temporary restricted zones.

The new app called, DJI Go uses technology called geofencing to track a drone. Through a phone, the drone is able keep in constant contact with satellites that warn of restricted zones.

To avoid misuse, pilots are required to register a credit card or mobile number.

“Safety is DJI’s top priority, which is why we first introduced geofencing technology three years ago and have been steadily refining the industry’s best technology to enhance aviation safety,” said Brendan Schulman, DJI Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs.

DJI were keen to stress that there will still areas were drones are forbidden from flying. Speaking to the BBC, Schulman, said: “Just like driving a car, it is up to the operator to be licensed, to have the car registered and insured—the manufacturer of an automobile doesn’t decide who gets to drive or not.”


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