New DJI Phantom 3 drone supports 4K hi-res video


Chinese drone maker DJI has just  announced a new model called the Phantom 3 aimed squarely at the consumer market. As a current DJI drone owner and having seen the videos and specs, it seems to bring some really amazing improvements to the current lineup.

DJI releases two new Phantom 3 models

DJI is known for professional and ‘prosumer’ devices, but the new Phantom 3 brings higher-definition video capture to the average home user, and maxes out in 4K resolution.

The company says the device has been completely redesigned from the ground up, with improvements to every aspect of the drone.

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DJI Phantom 3 ControllerThe aim, a spokesperson said, is to ensure that aerial imaging is as “intuitive” as smartphone photography.

Towards this goal, it has revamped the accompanying app and hardware. The drone now offers three-axis stabilisation to make videos smooth, and YouTube Live integration so you can stream the flight live.

The Professional version of the Phantom 3, which supports 4K, costs $1,250, while the regular HD version (the same in every other regard) costs $1000. Flight time is around 23 minutes.

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Easier to fly

One area that has really been improved is the Phantom 3 controller, which now supports Lightbridge connectivity, which means you can receive 720p HD video in almost realtime up to 1 mile away (a big improvement on the standard Phantom 2).

DJI Phantom 3

The controller also looks much more intuitive, with a Home button to return to base (which on the old model required a complicated flick of various toggles, and was difficult to remember). To make it easier to fly there’s also better GPS, and downward sensors and camera to help it position relative to the ground, as well as an auto takeoff feature.

The new model has upgraded motors which can accelerate and decelerate faster, which should also help with takeoff and landing, always the most nerve-wracking part of any Phantom flight.

DJI – Introducing the Phantom 3



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