DJI Spark: New drone fits in your palm and is controlled by hand gestures


DJI have announced the launch of a new drone called the DJI Spark.

The Chinese firm unveiled the Spark at an event in New York on Wednesday.

The DJI Spark, the smallest drone the company has produced, can fit in the palm of your hand and isn’t much bigger than your smartphone.

It can also be controlled using hand gestures, via its smartphone app or accompanying controller.

Unlike previous DJI drones which only allow you to take a photo using hand gestures, you can fly the device from start to finish using hand gestures alone.

The size of the Spark means it can easily fit in your bag, or even a large pocket and is designed to for easy use on the move.

DJI Spark

Even though the Spark has fixed arms, it is still smaller than what was DJI’s smallest drone, the Mavic Pro, which the company launched last September.

Dubbed the ‘selfie drone’, the Spark comes with two different modes for taking photos. Pano mode lets you snap panoramas, while the Shallow Focus option blurs the background so the subject in the foreground is in focus.

The Spark also includes a new video mode designed for those who like to share footage on social media. The mode condenses up to one minute of video footage into a 10 second clip which can then be easily posted on the likes of Facebook and Instagram.

DJI says the Spark has the longest flight time of any drone this size being able to fly 16 minutes on a single charge.

It can also fly up to 98 feet and can sense obstacles from 16 feet.

The Spark is available for pre-order from the DJI website and begins shipping next month.

Prices start at $499.


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