DJI unveils foldable Mavic Pro drone that detects obstacles and rocks 4k camera


Chinese drone maker DJI has unveiled the Mavic Pro, a foldable drone that can shoot 4K video and detect obstacles in order to avoid collisions.

The Mavic Pro is set to be officially available from Oct 15 and comes just a week after action camera company GoPro launched the Karma drone, which is also foldable and can be easily transported.

DJI says that by folding the Mavic Pro’s arms and propellers alongside its body, it compacts to roughly the same size as a water bottle and can easily fit inside a backpack.

The portability of the Mavic Pro also extends to its controller, which is much smaller than the controller on the company’s popular Phantom range of drones. The controller can also be used with or without a smartphone to display live video from the onboard camera.

DJI Mavic Pro

When it comes to flight time, the Mavic Pro is able to stay airborne for 27 minutes from a single charge, which is a similar amount of time to the Phantom 4, which offers 28 minutes flight time. By comparison, GoPro’s Karma drone offer 20 minute flight time.

The Mavic Pro also includes the same sensors and intelligent technology as found on the Phantom 4, which means it is able to fly around obstacles in order to avoid collisions and follow a moving target.

In addition, DJI’s latest drone comes with a couple more features such as Gesture mode which allows you to take a selfie, or rather a dronie, via a hand signal.

The Mavic Pro also has more advanced tracking capabilities and can distinguish between certain object such as people, cars or animals, which it can then follow, circle or fly in front of to help you capture the perfect shot.

The Mavic Pro comes with a 12MP camera that is capable of shooting 4k video at 30fps. It will also shoot 1080p video at 96fps.

DJI Mavic Pro

It can be paired with DJI’s new immersive DJI Googles which gives you a true birds eye view of the what is being filmed below.

Prices start from $749 for the Mavic Pro without its new controller.

The Mavic Pro with just the new controller will set you back $999.

DJI will also sell the drone as part of a bundle package that also includes spare propellers, two extra batteries, a charger, adapter and bag for $1299.


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