DLT Check in app lets passengers rate Bangkok taxi drivers


Officials from the Department of Land Transport have announced the launch of a mobile phone application that allows passengers to rate and provide feedback on their experiences with Bangkok taxi drivers.

The app, named DLT Check in, allows passengers to log the license plate and location of the journey, as well as evaluate different aspects of the service they receive from Bangkok cabbies.

All information gathered from passengers via the app will remain confidential, with government officials hoping it will improve the behaviour of poorly performing taxi drivers in the capital, who are notorious for refusing passengers and offering a poor standard of service.

Taxi drivers who continually receive poor reviews will be reprimanded and taxi companies will be unable to further expand their fleet until reviews improve.

However, taxi drivers who offer a good service and receive positive feedback from passengers will be rewarded with a certificate which they can display in their taxi.

Reviews submitted through the app will also help the government decide if Bangkok’s taxi drivers will be worthy of the 5 percent increase in fares, which drivers demanded at the end of 2014 and which is due to come into effect in June 2015.

Whilst the app is only available in Bangkok currently, the DLT has said it does intend to roll the service out nationwide.

The DLT Check In app is free to download on iOS and Android and is available in Thai and English.

Download on Android

Download on iOS

Source: ThaiPBS



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  2. Fairfield should be making an appointment to seek medical help as he seems to have contracted ThaiVisa Syndrome in which sweeping, inaccurate generalisations are made such as his ridiculous assertion that all Thai taxi drivers are notorious for refusing fares and offering poor service. Disgracefully wrong. A very small minority do, but the vast majority do not and are helpful and polite.

  3. Gary Costa on

    Since I do use Taxi’s most often and have had issues with some. I downloaded the app it was quick easy and looks easy to use. I may have to use sometime so good to have but for the most part after you say meter you get meter As far as refusing to go certain places at certain times never an issue but don’t be cheap tip when service is good. After all the fares are cheap here compared to Las Vegas where you need a letter of credit for ride to hotel.

  4. Maestro Thaivisa on

    Was going to install the app now, but am hesitating. Does it really need access to the device ID? Can’t that information be used for fraud, if it gets into the wrong hands?

  5. Although this is a great concept, it has a severe logic flaw. Most tourists, and even Expat residents can not read Thai. The license number of a taxi has Thai characters, then “normal” numbers.

    There is a photo option, but that would require us to either be in the taxi to capture that info (it is on the door) or get a photo of the actual license plate.

    The very taxi we want to report is the one that will not let us into the cab unless we agree to ridiculous pricing and travel without a meter.

    Secondly, many taxi problems come at night during super peak usage. IE: It is DARK, and a photo would be quite difficult.

    Now this is Bangkok, and no one in their right mind is going to argue with a driver who will not take them, then stand behind their taxi to take a plate photo. Simply not worth it.

    So, although I have the app and tried it, I can predict the outcome of this data collection.

    Since the worst offenders are pretty safe from Expats (the most likely people to be asked for exorbitant fares and no meter) … and even Thai who do not want to photograph the outside of the car … those safely in a cab and on their merry way will probably have an OK ride.

    … The end data will report, “On average, the rides were slightly above expectations.”

    There is no practical fix for this, it is just a shame that Thai letters are part of the plate instead of all numbers we all can read.

    Unless i am missing something here, since the video does not address this issue.

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