Does this leaked image reveal the best new feature on the iPhone 7?

    Latest rumours are:

  • no headphone port means iPhone will be even thinner
  • iPhone 7 will include new pair of speakers
  • headphones to be connected by Bluetooth

The iPhone 7 is due for release in September and there are certainly plenty of rumours as to what will and won’t be included on the device.

The rumour that the headphone port is too be ditched has been around for a while but are the latest pictures that are appearing on the French website confirming that the rumour is actually true?

The photo is said to show an aluminium case and a pair of speakers but no headphone port.

Headphones can either be connected via Bluetooth or using a lightening socket.

This is great unless you are a serious music fan with an expensive headset. If you fall into this category you will need an adapter that may or may not be included in the box when you purchase the device.

The main reason that Apple are making this change is believed to be to make the phone slimmer although the latest pictures don’t seem to show that the device is any slimmer at all.

Like many of the other rumours, there is no way to know if they are genuine and the images could just have been expertly photoshopped.

iPhone 7

Other rumours have suggested that the device may now be available in dark blue and that the antenna lines that had previously run across the back of the iPhone may now be moved to the top and bottom.

Another rumour, which is actually believable is that Apple will ditch the 16GB version of the iPhone and instead add a new 256GB model to the line up.

Also, battery life may be increased, an improved camera could be included and sharper screen may also feature.


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