Does your Facebook app keep on crashing? This might be why


Were you one of the people left without access to Facebook over the weekend when the Android app stopped working and confronted by the error message “Facebook has stopped”?

It may have been a little frustrating and indeed many users did take to social media to air their frustrations but in actual fact there is a very easy way to resolve the problem.

Simply close down the app, ensuring that it isn’t running in the background and update to the latest version of Facebook from the Google Play store.

Facebook are excellent at updating their app, usually ensuring that it runs smoother and faster but it appears that the latest version may have been behind the crash.

Facebook are refusing to reveal what caused the app to crash but say that the new update has resolved the problem for Android users. There is little explanation on the download screen except “improvements for reliability and speed.”

However, the download notes confirm hat the most up to date version of the Facebook app is version, as opposed to the previous build.

The latest Facebook app update includes a number of new features.

This includes more adverts for Messenger that will allow advertisers to target more users for their marketing.

There will also be tougher security measures allowing the service to be more compatible with new third party security keys, similar to this USB dongle that adds two step authentication to your account.

The security keys plug into the USB port of your computer and generate a one-off code that you then use in addition to your regular password.

Source: Venture Beat


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