Does your iPhone 6 suffer from battery problems? Don’t expect a replacement, says Apple


There have been lots of rumours recently suggesting that Apple will be launching a program offering replacement batteries for the iPhone 6.

However, Apple has now confirmed there are is no truth whatsoever in the reports.

An Apple corporate insider told the AppleInsider website that there were no plans to offer a battery exchange. “We constantly evaluate service statistics. There are no plans or grounds for a wide iPhone 6 battery exchange program at this time,” the insider said. 

The original reports regarding a replacement battery appeared in a Macotakara story.

There was no evidence at the time to suggest that the rumours were true but the story was reported on other news sites which led people to assume that the reports were correct.

AppleInsider spoke to a number of Apple retailers to ask them if they had any knowledge of the scheme but all stated that they had receive no official notification from Apple. If fact further evidence relating to the story of a battery exchange program could not be found leading many to suggest that it was just ‘false news’.

There has been hope that replacements batteries would be offered after several users complained about devices randomly shutting down.

The issue first came to light in September and October 2015 when Apple did give out replacements to some customers whilst others missed out and there are still some complaining of the same issues.

Apple previously rolled out an iOS update in hopes of relieving the problem with the iPhone 6 devices.

The update came with diagnostic features to identify the root cause of the battery-related issue. 


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