Donald Trump inauguration: What time is it and how to watch in Thailand?


The inauguration of Donald Trump is almost upon us, with the 45th President of the United States of America about to take office just ten weeks after stunning the world with his election win.

He will, of course, replace Barack Obama at the White House but not before an inauguration ceremony, the origins of which date back to George Washington.

The world will be watching as Donald Trump will take the official Oath of Office and give his inaugural address.

What is the inauguration?

The inauguration is the official transfer of power from one president to another. On Friday, as Barack Obama’s second term in office ends, he will transfer his presidential authority to his successor, Donald Trump.

Trump will then be sworn in as president, while Mike Pence will become sitting Vice President.

What time is the Trump inauguration?

While there are some events late on Thursday evening Thailand time, the highlight of the events happen on Friday 20 January and very early Saturday 21 January.

3:30am Thailand time: From around 3:30am to 4am, Donald Trump and Mike Pence will take part in a wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in honour of the nation’s veterans.

4:00am Thailand time: After the laying of wreaths “The Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration Concert” will begin at 4am Thai time and is scheduled to last for two hours. During the concert  Trump will deliver remarks, while there is also music from country stars Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood, before a fireworks grand finale.

9:30pm Thailand time: Later that evening in Thailand, from about 9:30pm Thai time, the official inauguration ceremony begins with musical performances and more pomp on west front of the Capitol.

Attendees includes current members of Congress, judges, diplomats, VIPs and members of the public. A number of former presidents will also be in attendance including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter.

11:30pm Thailand time: Religious leaders will offer their opening remarks, while Mike Pence will be sworn into his role of Vice President.

12:00am Saturday Thailand time: Just after midnight Donald Trump will recite the Oath of Office, where he will use two Bibles. One is president Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration bible, while the other was given to Mr Trump by his mother at his Sunday school graduation in 1955.

After this he will give his inaugural address. The ceremony is expected to finish around 12:30am Thailand time.

3:00am Thailand time:  Donald Trump and Mike Pence will take part in the inaugural parade where they will travel the 2.4km from Capitol to the White House. Also taking part in the parade are some 8,000 participants, including members of all US military branches.

How to watch the Trump inauguration in Thailand

There will be various live streams of the whole ceremony available online via YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, with all major news networks and broadcasters in the United States streaming the inauguration.

A live stream will also be added to Thaivisa in due course.

For TV viewers in Thailand, whether you subscribe to TrueVisions or a local cable operator, expect to find the inauguration broadcast on CNN, BBC World, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, Russia Today, Bloomberg, Fox and CNBC.

Here are the YouTube channels of major broadcasters who are likely to stream the event.


Sky News


Fox News

Al Jazeera



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