Don’t buy a new MacBook until you have read this


You may just want to hold off buying a new MacBook, at least for another week or so.

Starting next week Apple will host its annual developer conference – WWDC 2017 – where the tech giant could unveil an entire new MacBook line up.

Previously Bloomberg reported that Apple will upgrade the 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pros with Intel’s new Kaby Lake Processor.

Bloomberg also reported that Apple will upgrade its super slim 12 inch MacBook with a new “faster Intel chip”, while the MacBook Air may also get an upgrade.

An insider told Bloomberg that the Apple had “considered” updating the 13 inch Air with a new processor.

Meanwhile, Apple further hinted this week that prospective buyers should wait until after WWDC before deciding to buy a MacBook.

Image: MacRumours

Image: MacRumours

On Thursday, Apple updated its online store in the US where it pushed back the delivery dates for its MacBook Pro to June 5, which coincidentally is the same date WWDC starts.

This could be a sure sign that Apple is going to unveil an updated version of its top end MacBook at the very least, although it wouldn’t be all that surprising if Apple refreshed its entire line up of MacBooks at the event, especially as it faces increasingly strong competition from Microsoft’s new Surface range.

Either way, just hold off on buying that new MacBook at least until after WWDC 2017, which ends 9 June.

The other big rumour surrounding WWDC 2017, is that Apple will use the event to launch a new smart speaker powered by its digital assistant Siri.

The speaker will rival the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home.

While the event will come too early for any official news on the eagerly anticipated anniversary iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 8, Apple is expected to unveil iOS 11, which will almost certainly be the version of iOS used in the next lineup of iPhones.

Via: MacRumours


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