You can now download your entire Google search history


In the interest of transparency and “not being evil” (as per the company’s unofficial motto), Google has just made it possible to download your entire Google search history. That’s right – everything you’ve ever searched for while you’ve been logged in is now available for you to look at and do with as you will.

Google Search history available for download

The new feature was spotted by the Google Operating System blog and is as easy as just heading to your Google Account History, clicking on the cog in the top-right and choosing Download.

Google History Export

Google has already made it possible to view your search history for a long time, but now you can opt to grab it and save as an archive of JSON files (Javascript Object Notation, a simple format that makes it easy to use in other applications), organised by quarter.

Once you request to download the file, you will receive a notification from Gmail fairly quickly, with a link to the archive on Google Drive and the ability to download to your computer as a Zip file.

Google History Export

It is also worth noting that the archive only contains relevant details from when you have had the feature switched on and were logged in with your account. For example, upon checking my history I realised that I had turned off web history years ago, as I prefer not to be bombarded with irrelevant ads from Google and its advertising partners.

Google History Export

The ability to download searches is a useful addition to Google’s “Takeout policy”, which intends to make it easier for users to obtain their data. But realise this, that your history will probably contain lots of embarrassing results, and searches that you don’t want to let out into the public domain…

SOURCE: Google Operating System blog

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