Microsoft tempts Dropbox users with free 100GB of OneDrive storage space


As the battle for cloud storage space gets ever more competitive, Microsoft is attempting to lure customers to its own cloud storage service by offering existing Dropbox users 100 GB of OneDrive storage space for free, if they make the switch.

You can take advantage of the offer, which provides 100GB of free cloud storage for a period of one year, by visiting this page, where you will need to sign up for a OneDrive account and will also be asked to verify your existing Dropbox account.

OneDrive already offers a pretty attractive 15GB of free storage to new users, which is the same amount on offer to new users of Google Drive, but significantly more than the paltry 2GB Dropbox offers to new users of its service.

If you’re already a user of Microsoft Office online then this offer is even more attractive.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft have offered users large amounts of cloud storage space for free.

Last month, around the same time when Google offered users an extra 2GB of Drive storage for free, Microsoft offered users 100GB of free storage for two years, if users signed up for the Bing Rewards program, but, the offer was only available to those based in the United States.

However, this latest offer of 100GB of OneDrive storage is available to users around the globe

Source: OneDrive Bonus



  1. Dexter Marlowe on

    how ingenious! lure users then make them pay a year later. anyone with half a brain can see through it.