DTAC 4G service now covers all of Bangkok


Thai mobile network operator DTAC said on Thursday that it had rolled out 4G high-speed connectivity across every district in Bangkok, and will have completed 1,200 sites nationwide by the end of March.

DTAC continues 4G rollout

The rollout is part of its 11 billion Baht investment for both 3G and 4G expansion, that will add an additional 6,500 sites nationwide.

According to the Nation newspaper, DTAC is the second mobile operator in Thailand to offer 4G services. True Move H already launched 4G services in 2014, with 2,000 sites nationwide covering 80% of the population and 9,000 planned sites by April of this year. True says it currently has a total of 900,000 subscribers for its 4G services.

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DTAC 4G - Main Pic

Prapaprot Puprasert, senior vice president, regional business head of DTAC, said the operator expects its 4G users to reach 1.75 million subscribers, all of them existing subscribers who have 4G handsets.

Currently, DTAC said it has around 600,000 customers for its 4G services of whom 400,000 are in Bangkok and its metropolitan areas.

DTAC 4G service in Hua Hin

In other parts of Thailand, such as Hua Hin, 4G is also available. Members of Thai Tech received an SMS message last week offering 4 GB of free data on 4G. On going to the DTAC store in Hua Hin’s Market Village, it was necessary to obtain an new SIM card (while keeping the same number) to be able to use the new 4G service. Speed tests have so far only achieved up to 20 Mbps (despite the claimed 42 Mbps maximum speed the service says it offers), but the ping times were very low (less than 20 milliseconds) and upload speeds much better than 3G (reaching 6 Mbps on occasion).

The whole process of obtaining a new SIM card took less than 5 minutes.

SOURCE: The Nation


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