Sony brings back classic gamepad for PlayStation


While it doesn’t look modern these days, the old muted grey colours of early PlayStation devices will bring back a smile for anyone that grew up playing the original games like Resident Evil, Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy 7.

Now Sony has issued PlayStation themed gamepads to mark the original console’s 20th anniversary, and they do look extremely cool.

PlayStation controllers given a nostalgic makeover

The PlayStation brand has undergone radical changes over the past 2 decades – there have been four games consoles, two handhelds, lots of peripherals, and now a virtual reality device called Project Morpheus, all with the PlayStation mark.

The DualShock gamepads are a widely recognised and modern symbol for video games.  Even when you’re using a modern smartphone, often the symbol for games is the gamepad icon that looks uncannily similar to the classic DualShock design, which became the world standard for modern games. Even Nintendo and Microsoft have borrowed design cues from the original controller when they came up with their own gamepads.

The first Dual Shock controllers came out around two years after the original PlayStation launched, but the gamepad above is intended to celebrate the original console’s anniversary and not the gamepad itself. The 20th anniversary edition DualShock 4 gamepad for the PlayStation 4 and Wireless Headset will be available from this September, for $64.99 and $99.99 each.

SOURCE: Business Insider.


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