Dufl App and Service Makes Packing a Breeze


Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the one thing that no one likes to do is pack and unpack their suitcase. Dufl is hoping to change that.

Dufl is a new service/app that just launched today, and its goal is to help frequent travelers save time when preparing for their trips. For people who take trips back-to-back, it’s especially useful as you’ll never have to pack your bags or clean your travel clothes yourself.

To start using Dufl, you need to first download the app and create an account. The company will send a branded suitcase to your door, and you fill it up with the clothes you travel with most. Dufl will then arrange for FedEx to pick up your suitcase.

Once back at the Dufl facility, the company will take an inventory of your items, take professional photos of your belongings and then pack them up for you. Once your virtual closet is back up and running, you can let Dufl know where and when you’re leaving for your trip.

Through the app, you can virtually pack your suitcase by choosing the clothes and items you want to bring with you. Dufl will make sure that your suitcase arrives to your hotel before you do. And once your trip is done, FedEx will pick up your luggage and take it back to Dufl’s storage location. The company will then dry clean your clothes and put them back in your virtual closet. When you arrive back home, you won’t have any laundry to do or luggage to haul.

Storage with Dufl will cost $10 per month and each trip will cost a flat fee of $100, but this includes shipping as well as the cleaning and folding of your clothes.


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