Dyson invests in new technology which promises to double the life of your smartphone battery


Dyson, the company who brought us the bagless vacuum cleaner and bladeless fan, has invested $15 million in Sakti3, a US based tech startup that has developed pioneering solid state batteries, capable of storing twice as much power as the current generation of batteries.

The deal, which was announced on Monday, is the first investment Dyson has made in another company and gives it exclusive rights to produce and use Sakti3’s high powered batteries in both new and existing products.

The technology developed by Sakti3 promises that its new technology is capable of storing twice as much energy as the lithium batteries that are used in smartphones, tablets and just about everything else.

“Sakti3 has achieved leaps in performance, which current battery technology simply can’t,” James Dyson told the Guardian. “It’s these fundamental technologies – batteries, motors – that allow machines to work properly.”

Founded in 2008 by Ann Marie Sastry, a former engineering professor at the University of Michigan, Sakti3 also says that its batteries are much safer than regular lithium-ion batteries, some of which caught fire on a Boeing 787 flight in 2013. More recently, lithium-ion batteries were also blamed for causing a small fire on a Bangkok bound KLM flight from Amsterdam.

Whereas lithium-ion batteries contain a liquid electrolyte which can react to degrade the battery or even cause fires, Sakti3’s version use solid lithium electrodes.

As well as lasting twice as long as regular lithium-ion batteries, Sakti3 also claim that its batteries are smaller in size and will eventually be cheaper to manufacture.

Sakti3 recently raised more than $35 million in funding from companies eager to invest in the future of battery development, namely General Motors, Itochu and Kholsa Ventures.

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Source: Guardian


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