E-Kaia tech lets you charge your phone from a plant…


Occasionally you hear of something that sounds almost unbelievable, and this could be just one of those stories. And no, it’s not April the first….

If you’re in need of a quick recharge, mobile phone users one day may be able to plug into the nearest plant, thanks to a system called E-Kaia, which was developed by researchers in Chile.

E-Kaia uses plant energy to charge devices

E-Kaia is able to charge small devices such as LED lights and mobile phones, all from just a single plant. The Manquehue Institute says that the E-Kaia team invention can output 5 volts at 0.6 amps.

Compare that with Apple’s smallest USB power adaptor that comes with the iPhone – that device outputs 5 volts at 1 amp.

How does it work? Energy is captured from the plant from a “biocircuit board”, though more technical details are not readily available, probably because the group is attempting to patent the invention currently.

Potato Power

Potatoes are a well known source of power for tiny chips.

The creators Evelyn Aravena, Carolina Guerrero, and Camila Rupcich aim to have commercial products on the market this year, and have received funding from the Chilean government.

This all sounds fairly unique, but E-Kaia is not the only system of its type, though it may be the most efficient.

Plant-e, based in the Netherlands, says its solution requires 100 square meters of plants to harvest a similar amount of energy.

SOURCE: Apple Insider


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