Echo English: New app launched to help Thais practice English speaking


Thailand’s Ministry of Education has launched a new mobile app intended to help Thai people learn and practice everyday English.

The Echo English app will be available on Android and iOS by the end of the month.

The free app includes 40 online English lessons and is played like a multiple choice quiz game, where users can compete against one another.

Thailand’s prime minister, Gen Prayuth, unveiled the new app on Tuesday. He said the new app would help Thai people improve their English speaking skills.

Gen Prayuth said: “We made this app because we want Thais to practice English. Do not fear farang because they are ready to understand us,” the Bangkok Post reported.

The prime minister also said that the app will help Thai people improve communication skills and boost confidence when speaking to foreign people.

He also admitted that whilst he does not consider himself to be a good English speaker, he practices by reading English books and watching English speaking movies.

Source: ThaiPBS


UPDATE: Echo English app is now available to download from the Google Play Store