Email spam rate hits a twelve year low


Ever since the advent of email, the most annoying thing about it is undoubtedly spam. These days, I receive more spam mail than ever before, and it seems to be getting worse. We’ve all had it – emails with adult links in, Russian dating sites, and African princes sending chain mails asking for money. It’s an unavoidable fact of using the Internet, unfortunately.

Spam hits twelve year low

It feels like spam is getting worse, but in fact a new report by Symantec says that we’ve now hit a 12 year low. The data is described in the firm’s monthly security report, and reveals that the overall spam rate for the month of June was 49.7%, a 0.6% decrease since May. According to Symantec Cyber Security Threat Analysts (what a job title!), it’s the lowest spam rate since 2003.

Also, “phishing” and email-based malware also saw a decline in June.

However, on the downside, the report says there were more than 57 million new variants of malware created in June, up from 44.5 million in May. Ransomware or malware that blocks access to a computer unless a fee is paid, is also on the rise after a 12 month low in April, and is now up to more than 477,000 attacks.

SOURCE: Symantec.


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