Emojis now account for half the comments on Instagram


Emojis (you know, those little picture-based characters that seem to pop up everywhere these days).

According to a new study that details the widespread use of Emoji, they are quickly becoming the new language of the Internet.

Emoji taking over the Internet

The research was done by Thomas Dimson, a software engineer who worked on Instagram’s Hyperlapse app, who states that nearly half the text on Instagram contains the characters. The includes comments, captions, and the recently introduced emoji hastags.

The trend has taken a sharp upturn after emoji-capable keyboards were introduced on iOS and Android in 2011 and 2013 respectively. The findings also show that Finnish people used them the most in their Instagram posts, with 63% containing the cartoony emoticons.

Emoji Use by Country Instagram

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Instagram Emoji Meanings

Here’s another fun fact: the crying emoji (the first in the image above) is the most popular character on Instagram (I can’t reproduce it here, unfortunately)  – perhaps no surprise, considering the Internet’s penchant for sharing viral, entertaining and funny videos, and the emoji’s replacement for popular terms like “LOL”.

It’s clear that Internet users are continuing to favour visuals over text, taking our society back to the old days of hieroglyphics…

Do you use emoji? Or is it simply a passing fad that will eventually grow tired? Let us know in the comments below.


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