EmoSpark AI Console Monitors Your Mood


Artificial intelligence may start playing a much bigger role in our everyday lives in the near future. EmoSpark, the crowdfunding success story, raised over $179,000 in a mere two months to bring its AI console to life.

The small cube lives in your home and acts as a robot companion of sorts. It can answer questions for you, and look up information on websites like Wikipedia. But it also monitors your mood through your facial expressions. The smartphone app that accompanies the cube keeps track of your reaction when it answers questions or shares information. And it learns what to say and what not to say based on your reaction.

Just as it monitors your mood, the cube also changes the way it speaks to you based on how you treat it. No matter what, EmoSpark will always do its best to make you happy, but being mean or hateful to the cube will trigger certain on-screen indicators, like disgust or fear. The cube will even change colors based on how you treat it.

EmoSpark will be a bit expensive at launch, with a price tag of $325 for just the cube, and $420 for the cube and a standalone camera.


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