The end of iTunes? Leaked email reveals major shake up to Apple’s music platform


Shockwaves have been sent through the music industry as leaked Apple email purportedly states it is planning to discontinue their iTunes service.

According to reports Apple has already warned record labels of the impending axe and that it not be accepting any new multimedia albums (iTunes LPs) after March.

Metro who obtained the email claim all existing iTunes LPs are to be removed by the end of 2018 from the iTunes Store.

Music industry insiders theorize that due to the growth in Apples Music streaming service, the demise of iTunes will soon begin.

The iTunes LP format was introduced by Apple in 2009 in a move designed to shift albums into the online world.

Buyers of iTunes LPs benefit from an interactive experience that combines the music with album images and other graphics.

It is stated that Apple informed industry insiders of this bold move over two weeks ago, However, Metro only shared the letter titled “The End of iTunes LPs” just recently.

Also in the letter, Apple confirms that users who have already purchased an iTunes LP can download extra content thought their iTunes Match software. iTunes Match which costs from 700THB per year is their cloud-based music storage service.

The death of iTunes was a rumour circulating back in 2016 when a report released said the service would be killed off in 2018, Apple later rebuffed this.


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