Endless OS might be a game-changer for Thai PC users


Endless Computers says its launch of an operating system – its first product launch in Southeast Asia – will “add a new dimension” to the country’s personal-computer landscape.

The Endless OS is free, easy to use and virus-resistant for extra security. It is free to download for any PC and is also pre-loaded in some Thai-branded PCs. A Thai-language version is available.

Globally, Endless is partnering with PC makers Acer and Asus. Both are pre-loading the Endless OS onto their PCs.

A major feature is the 100-plus free, pre-loaded apps and powerful tools that require no Internet connection. It has an encyclopaedia with items in Thai, an office suite and educational games for youngsters.

The newest addition to the Endless OS App Centre is Steam, the world’s largest online gaming platform. Content is updated regularly and new Thai apps will be added as additional local partnerships are forged.

Endless is also coordinating marketing campaigns in Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Central America and Mexico.


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