Enough is enough. Here’s how to delete your Yahoo account


UPDATE Oct 2017: Yahoo says all 3 billion accounts hacked in 2013 data theft

After the latest revelations, many people have decided that enough is enough and that it is time to ditch Yahoo – permanently.

The decision to drop Yahoo comes after it was revealed earlier this week that the one time darling of the tech world was subject to a devastating cyber attack that compromised the login details of one BILLION users.

This is in addition to the revelation from earlier this year that hackers had stolen the login details to 500 million Yahoo user accounts, in what was believed to be the biggest data breach of all time.

The breach took place in 2014, leading many to question why it took Yahoo almost two years to fully disclose the details and have raised further questions about the company’s approach to security.

As a result some security experts have urged people to close down their accounts and use a different service.

Here is how you delete your Yahoo account in 5 easy steps:

1. Log into you Yahoo account – if you can’t remember your password follow the usually password recover procedure

2. Now click on the ‘Account Termination’ link which can be accessed via the ‘Help’ link in the bottom right hand corner. Now select ‘Register or Delete account’, then ‘closing your current Yahoo account’ and then ‘Account Termination’

3. Re-enter your login details – this prevents them being delete by accident

4. You will no longer be able to access Yahoo Mail, your Flickr account or any of your contacts as well as anything else connected to the account. You should also opt out from any paid service prior to removing your account, as you could still be charged.

5. Now enter you login in details again to ensure that your account has successfully been deleted.
After deleting your account, Yahoo informs that your account details will be saved for a period of 90 days but the deletion of your account is non-reversible.


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