Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO, admits to using an iPhone


Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt, the former Google CEO admitting that he uses an iPhone for his day to day communications.

It appears that Schmidt carries two devices, a Samsung Galaxy S7 and an iPhone 6s as he revealed to CNBC during a recent event that was being held in Amsterdam.

He was asked which device he preferred and came down in favour of the Samsung. He was quoted as saying “Samsung S7 is better. It has a better battery. And those of you who are iPhone users (know) I’m right.”

The revelation that he favours Samsung may come as more of a surprise to Google as he was spotted taking photographs on his iPhone earlier in year.

Google team up with mobile phone manufacturers to produce a series of Nexus devices. Nexus run purely Android and are designed to showcase machines for the mobile platform.

Nexus devices are held in high regard so one would expect that it would be the logical choice for Schmidt to carry a device produced by his own company.

Samsung is regarded as Google’s biggest ally although the South Korean giant is thought to have raised concerns about the hold that Google has on Android.

Industry watchers believe that this has caused friction in the relationship and may lead to a future split if a resolution can’t be sought.


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