If you only ever say one thing to Siri, make sure it is this!


Let’s face it we all get bored from time to time and try various things to keep ourselves amused.

Well, the latest bit of amusement that is doing the rounds on social media is to say some Queen lyrics to the iPhone digital assistant Siri.

It was actually one lyric that was identified by Stephen Fry on Twitter, taken from the ever-popular Bohemian Rhapsody.

You have to be careful that you get it just right – it must be “silhouetto” and not “silhouette”. This has caused some confusion with many who have tried it as it appears that Freddie Mercury decided to make up to word just for this song!

However, if you manage to get that right you will be treated to Siri performing her very own version of the classic song – complete with Scaramouche – which should keep you entertained for a few minutes at least!


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