Face ID on the iPhone X can be fooled by a mask, security experts claim


Security researchers from Vietnam have tricked the new Face ID feature on the iPhone X by using a face mask.

Apple has previously talked up the security of its ground breaking new feature. However, this latest discovery along with reports that Face ID can be fooled by using the face of a sibling might be a concern for some iPhone X users.

After carrying out tests, security firm Bkav say that Face ID is not an effective form of security, after explaining how it fooled the technology using a mask.

Apple has said previously that during testing it worked with make up artists and mask makers to ensure that Face ID could not be fooled using such methods.

However, researchers from Bkav claimed that by studying the new depth mapping technology on the iPhone X they were able to get a better understanding of how Face ID works.

And rather than creating a realistic mask, they were able to beat the system with a more simple approach.

Bkav’s mask cost around $150 to make an consisted of a 3D frame, silicone nose and 2D printed images for the eyes and mouth.

Bkav demonstrated the mask fooling Face ID on an iPhone X in a video uploaded to YouTube.

While Bkav said that their research proved that Face ID isn’t nearly as secure as Apple claimed, they also said that their findings probably won’t be a concern for most users, but rather high profile individuals such as politicians or celebrities.

For Bkav’s method to work someone would have to go to the trouble of creating a mask, and then also get hold of the iPhone X in question.

The news comes after some users have reported a variety of problems using with their new iPhone X.

Users said that their iPhone X stopped working properly in cold weather, while others reported a strange green line appearing down the side of the screen.

Last week it was reported that Apple look set to bring the technology featured in the iPhone X to a new premium iPad, which could be launched as early as next year.

Via: Apple Insider


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