Facebook Accidently Leaks Phone App


Facebook accidently leaked their “Phone” app. The app is a dialer for Android that works like a caller ID. While there is sparse information provided, the app blocks calls automatically and shows caller information. The leak was an update that was supposed to be for internal company testing only, but Facebook has confirmed that they are testing the “Phone” app.

It’s unlikely that the app would be available on iOS due to their closed system infrastructure.

Facebook already has an app that allows video and voice calls, but being able to help users screen calls is a new direction for the company. Many experts in the field are skeptical of the app. After all, this would be the first time that Facebook would integrate into a carrier’s service before the call is actually approved. The question still lingers: “is there even a market for the Phone app?”

With the acquisition of WhatsApp, Facebook has already allowed for a new, free way for people to text message each other. While a little different than the way a normal SMS works, WhatsApp was Facebook’s first step into the market.

But WhatsApp has also announced plans to include a voice-calling feature. It is possible that Facebook is planning the app for their own calling service.


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