Facebook adds two MAJOR new features to Messenger – here’s what you need to know


Facebook has added two new features which will change the way you use its Messenger app.

The social network as announced the arrival of Reactions and Mentions on Messenger, which allow you to tag friends and quickly reply to individual and group messages.

Reactions, which Facebook says is a completely separate feature to the Reactions available in the regular Facebook app and should not be confused, allows you to reply to a message which includes an emoji, stickers, videos and GIFs with one of seven different emojis: love, sad, angry, smile, wow, yes and no.

The Reactions are then displayed below the message you replied to and if you are using them as part of a group chat, you can tap on the emoji to see which way other members of the group reacted.

To add a Reaction to message, simply start a new or open an existing conversation, tap and hold on the message and select one of the emojis.

Reactions in Facebook Messenger

Reactions in Facebook Messenger

Meanwhile the new mentions feature should be a big plus for anyone who uses Facebook Messenger for group chat.

The feature allows you to single out a friend in the group chat by tagging them using ‘@’ and then typing their name.

Once they’ve been tagged they will automatically receive a notification telling them you have called them out.

The Mention feature will be enabled by default but there is the option to turn it off, Facebook said.

Mentions on Facebook Messenger

Mentions on Facebook Messenger

“Today, we’re introducing two new features that improve group conversations to make them more fun and useful”, Facebook said in a blog post.

“Message Reactions are the ability to react to an individual message with a specific emotion, quickly showing acknowledgement or expressing how you feel in a lightweight way. For example, if someone messages a photo of their cute pet, you could respond with the love reaction. Or, if someone is trying to coordinate dinner plans, you could easily respond with a yes or no reaction to indicate your preferences”.

“Mentions is a way to directly notify someone when they’ve been mentioned in a conversation. To mention someone, type the “@” symbol or start typing the first few letters of the name or nickname of the person you want to notify and select them from the list”.

The new features have already been made available to some users and will be rolled out globally in the next few days, Facebook said.

On Thursday, Facebook also announced that Messenger Lite is now available to users in Thailand.


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