Facebook adds yet more Snapchat style features to its Messenger app


Facebook has once again added more Snapchat inspired features to one of its products.

This time it is in the form of a new camera feature as well as adding some other visual tools that make it easier to send pictures to friends when using the Facebook Messenger app.

The features include animations and special effects that can be added and laid over the top of your own photos. These filters are what many people attribute to Snapchats recent success as they are perhaps the most central feature.

Facebook Messenger

These new features are not the first to be taken from Snapchat as disappearing images on Instagram were first seen several months ago.

“Imagine the Messenger camera as a powerful new tool that lives just behind your inbox,” Facebook said of the update to the app.

“It’s always one tap away – whether you’re already in a conversation or have just opened up the app. You will see the shutter button centre in the screen, a tap takes a photo, a long press records a video.”

In a similar fashion to Snapchat, users can add emojis and stickers to pictures or videos and these can then be sent to friends.

Messenger is advancing all the time with new features coming at a far faster rate than they do on the Facebook app or on the website.

In fact, Facebook have suggested that the tool may become an entire platform in its own right, powered by bots. This would allow users to not only interact with other people but also other computers and shops.
Other recent additions have included games that people can play with each other over the platform.


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