Facebook bans sales of controversial Kodi boxes


Kodi boxes have caused a lot of controversy in recent months, enabling users to illegally access copyrighted material and now Facebook has banned their sale on the platform.

The news was revealed as part of an update to their Commerce Policy which now includes Kodi boxes, although not named implicitly, on their list of products that can’t be sold. It is believed this is down to the spread of so-called “fully loaded Kodi boxes”.

Open-source software is legal, however third-party add-ons that allow streams for sporting events and TV shows are illegal. Installing these add-ons is complicated so many of the media players come pre-loaded with the necessary links.

The Commerce Policy states that: “Products or items that facilitate or encourage unauthorised access to digital media” as “prohibited”.

Amazon made a similar move back in April and the European Court of Justice also deemed the sale of media-players deliberately pre-loaded with links to copyrighted content is illegal.

In a statement given to the Mirror, Kieron Sharp, chief executive of anti piracy organisation FACT said: “It is great to see Facebook follow the likes of Amazon and eBay in making changes to their policies to prohibit the sale of illicit streaming devices on their platforms.”

“These days social media sites are more than just a place to share photos and comments with friends and family. Unfortunately, the fast-paced development of these sites are being exploited by opportunists for criminal activity which needs to be disrupted.”

It’s not only in the UK where illegal streaming services and devices have come under the spotlight.

In Thailand, regulators announced that anyone who imports, produces or sells Internet TV boxes needs a license from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission in order to so or faces a maximum of two years in jail and/or a maximum fine of two million baht.


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