Facebook down: Been locked out of your Facebook account? This is why


Facebook users in Thailand and around the world reported being locked out of their accounts on Saturday.

Other users reported seeing a terrifying message from the Facebook Security Team informing them that someone had accessed their account.

Some people also reported seeing unusual alerts from Facebook, including one that told them all their messages had been deleted because they were spam.

Others were simply unable to login to their account with Facebook telling them their accounts couldn’t be verified.

According to Down Detector, which monitors website outages, the problem was affecting millions of users across the globe.

Facebook later admitted there had been an issue which had now been resolved.

“Earlier today an error in one of our systems designed to help prevent suspicious account access sent a small set of people to our account recovery flow unnecessarily,” a spokesperson for Facebook said.

This is the second time this week users have reported problems with Facebook.

On Wednesday, a glitch meant that users were unable to properly scroll through their News Feed.

A message was then displayed which read: “You’ll have more stories in News Feed if you add more friends.”


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