Facebook launches Hard Questions, asks for your help to make it a better place


Facebook needs your help on dealing with some of the biggest dilemmas it faces.

Having come in for recent criticism on its failure to stamp out fake news and the spread of terrorists propaganda, Facebook is for the first time being more open on how it deals with controversial topics.

On the Thursday, the social network revealed how it plans to handle many of the contentious and complex issues it faces on a daily basis.

In a blog post, Facebook vice president for public policy and communications Elliot Schrage said Facebook hopes to “make fewer mistakes, and correct them faster.”

In the same post, Facebook announced the launch of a new initiative called Hard Questions.

The initiative hopes to tackle how Facebook deals with issues such as terrorism, fake news, privacy and censorship.

“Today, we’re starting a new effort to talk more openly about some complex subjects”, Facebook said

“We hope this will be a place not only to explain some of our choices but also explore hard questions, such as:

– How should platforms approach keeping terrorists from spreading propaganda online?

– After a person dies, what should happen to their online identity?

– How aggressively should social media companies monitor and remove controversial posts and images from their platforms? Who gets to decide what’s controversial, especially in a global community with a multitude of cultural norms?

– Who gets to define what’s false news — and what’s simply controversial political speech?

– Is social media good for democracy?

– How can we use data for everyone’s benefit, without undermining people’s trust?

– How should young internet users be introduced to new ways to express themselves in a safe environment?

Facebook urged users to submit suggestions on what it could be doing better to hardquestions@fb.com


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