Facebook Introduces “On This Day” Feature


Facebook is always looking for ways to keep users logged into the site or app every day. Now, Facebook has announced a new feature called “On This Day.” The feature can be accessed on the site by visiting https://www.facebook.com/onthisday, but it’s not available to everyone just yet.

The new feature will also be able to be accessed through search, the user’s News Feed, and through opt-in on Android and iOS.

Essentially, the feature allows you to take a look back in time at what you posted in the past. You’ll be able to see status updates, tagged photos or statuses and pictures and videos. A spokesperson for Facebook has stated that the company learned a lot from its 2010 feature “Year in Review.”

The developers behind “On This Day” have made the feature a little more sophisticated. For example, if you got married on a specific date and have since changed your status to “single” Facebook will not drudge up old memories by showing you your happy status of “Just Married!”

Friends that have passed away will also not be shown within the feature.

The social media giant hopes that this feature will allow friends to reconnect in a new and exciting way.


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