Facebook is about to start creating its own TV shows


Facebook is about to enter the video streaming community and take on the likes of Netflix.

According to Business Insider, the social media giant aims to produce its own programmes, the first will be ready first of which will be ready for launch as early as mid-June.

Facebook is reputed to be in the process of signing up A-list celebrities and are even considering a dating show where contestants go on dates in VR before they meet in real life.

It is believed that Facebook have given the green light to around two-dozen shows and emphasises the company’s commitment to video.

The content, it is thought, will appear in a new version of the video tab and also on the video app on Apple TV.

Although Facebook have declined to comment, it is unnamed sources close to the project who have reveal the plans. They say that the strategy is to produce both long form traditional programmes as well as shorter shows that will last 10 to 15 minutes and refresh every 24 hours.

The rumours seem to suggest that the content will be available free rather than be subscription based with the company relying on advertising revenue.

The content is expected to target teen and young adults with the intention of countering Snapchats success in this demographic. Facebook is said to be “obsessed” by Snapchat – which has signed originals shows from broadcasters such as the BBC, ESPN and the Discovery Channel.

Netflix has ruled out moving into showing live sports after Twitter signed a deal to show the National Football League but later lost out to Amazon. This is an area that Facebook see as showing potential.

In a recent earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said: “Sports is probably something that we’ll want to try at some point.”

Facebook already has nearly 2 billion active users and this is seen as the company again increase its dominance within the social media sector.


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