Facebook is forcing everyone to download its Messenger app – whether you want to or not


Facebook is forcing everyone who uses it mobile site to download its Messenger app if they want to continue chatting with their friends.

The ability to be able to send and receive messages for members on a mobile web browser is about to come to an end.

Since yesterday, users on Android started seeing a message that prompts them to download the Messenger app.

Facebook says that moving people over to the Messenger app will enable them to have the “best experience” when chatting with their Facebook friends.

“Using the Messenger app is faster and enables richer interactions”, read statement from Facebook.

“We’re continuing to bring the best experiences we can to the 900 million people on Messenger.”

However, some users have criticised Facebook over the move, which has been described as aggressive.

Many users have specifically avoided using Facebook’s Messenger app due to the large amount of permissions it requires in order to run on a smartphone and to stop it from gaining access to their personal data such as contacts, photos, audio and more.

People have also avoided downloading the app after it was found to require a large amount of battery power.

Despite claims of wanting to improve user experience the real reason why Facebook is forcing everyone to download its Messenger app is because of the data it can obtain from users who use a mobile app as opposed to a website.

This data, such as contacts, location and the ability to see who is talking to who helps Facebook create a clearer picture of its user base. This same data will almost certainly be used to help develop new products, likely to be related to artificial intelligence, and other new services. It will probably also be used to improve the way Facebook serves advertisements to users.

The move also shows the importance the company is placing in messaging as a platform, which will be seen as a potential driver in new revenue.



  1. Never have uploaded FB to my phone, and never will. So I have no problems of this aggressive behavior of FB