Facebook is secretly bringing back this really old and annoying feature


Can you remember the “Poke” feature that used to annoy us in early days of Facebook?

Well, Facebook has now introduced something similar again – the opportunity to say “hello” to your friends and acquaintances with just the single press of a button!

If you’re secretly noseying over someone’s profile on Facebook and accidentally press the hello button it could land you in all kinds of embarrassment.

If you press the button, the recipient will get a notification informing them you said ‘hello’ and asking them if they want to say hello back.

Needless to say, it is another notification which we would all probably live without.

If you click the notification that someone has hello’d you it takes you to list of people who have said “hello”.

You can keep hello-ing all-day if you so please and no other correspondence if required – just the click of a button!

For those of you in need of an ego boost, the “hello” hub page counts how many hellos you receive, rewarding each one with burst of animate confetti.

Strangely, the “poke” hasn’t been replaced with “hello” so it does beg the question why it has been introduced and what purpose it serves?

Is this the way that we will all be communicating in the future, and is mankind going to lose the ability to speak?

The new hello feature was first spotted by The Next Web and was being tested on users in the UK, although it has now found its way to Thailand and elsewhere.


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